Even in 2016, I am an Immigrant

  This picture was taken at the Sean Ross Abbey Remembrance in June 2016, It is a picture of the “banished babies” who came across the pond (America) to celebrate this remembrance. In this picture there are people from Pennsylvania, Florida, Alaska, California, and many other states. We were all immigrant babies sent to America against

A Month In

It has been a month since my novel, The Swan Garden has been released. I am so thankful for HBE Publishing taking a chance on me and letting the story I wrote be told.  I know my novel covers a controversial topic, but I am glad it is getting people talking about things they might

Presenting The Swan Garden

I have waited for what seems forever for this day to come. I can officially present the cover to my new novel. The picture was taken by Aaryn James The Swan Garden will be released February 23, 2016, through HBEPublishing. It tells the story of a young woman who survives a brutal assault, birthing in