You Can’t Go Home Again

Thomas Wolfe wrote, “You can’t go home again.” I find that statement utterly refutable. When I had the opportunity to return to Ireland for the first time in 1990, I didn’t feel like a foreigner, or an outsider, or a failure, as long as I didn’t open my mouth and betray my “American accent” I

Why So Many Lies?

Adoption was considered the answer-all for unwelcome babies born out-of-wedlock in Ireland. I can only speak of the early 50s, where a young girl carries a baby inside of her for nine months, then when it is time, she gives birth, usually after a difficult delivery, (because she has not ever been seen by a doctor

Where Did the Sadness Come From?

I have taken repeated pictures of my children and grandchildren, and never once have I seen an unexplained heart-breaking sadness in their eyes. In all the passport pictures I have seen of the “banished babies” who have been willing to share, there has been a thread of sadness and heartbreak that couldn’t be explained to